Migration and Development

Return of Qualified Afghans (RQA): Years of conflict have severely damaged Afghanistan’s economy and productive capacities. The RQA programme focuses on identifying and facilitating the return of Afghans living in third countries who are motivated to contribute their skills on a short- or long-term basis for the benefit of Afghanistan’s reconstruction. RQA participants include experts in the fields of medicine, education, urban planning and other key fields, with an emphasis on skilled female returnees. Learn more about RQA here.

Emergency and Development Infrastructure Department (EDID): Through EDID, IOM Afghanistan provides support for the construction of schools, health care facilities, roads, government buildings and other key infrastructure projects. EDID has the capacity to conduct feasibility assessments, site surveys, and geotechnical, de-mining and environmental investigations; develop designs and cost estimates; organize tendering processes and bids analysis; manage construction activities; and provide quality and safety control.