Applicants willing to migrate to Canada are supposed to undergo a health assessment which includes a physical check, a health background check, urine test, blood test and a chest X-ray report. In some cases additional examinations will be required and done. The results of the assessment will be uploaded to e-medical website within 48 hours of initial assessment if she/he is found healthy. The followings are a list of documents and information needed for this health assessment:

  1. An IME number which is generated by Canadian Immigration Authorities in advance. This means that the applicant must be registered first in Canada and receive an email referring her/him for health assessment. Upfront health assessments are only done for super visa, student visa and work visa applicants.  No upfront health assessment is done for spouse and family reunion cases.
  2. A valid passport
  3. 1 Copy of your valid passport
  4. 1  passport size photo (3.5 X 4.5 cm) in white background
  5. Phone number in Afghanistan/where the applicant resides
  6. An email address
  7. Resident address
  8. A polio vaccination card that will be verified by the MHAC. It can be obtained free of cost at certain government vaccination centers in Kabul and provinces.  Indira Gandhi Children hospital is an example. For polio vaccination at government centers you don’t need a referral letter.
  9. For children below age of 11 the service fee is USD 119. The service fee for applicants who turn 11 and above age of 11 is USD 332.  The service fee is received in Cash by IOM accounting and treasury department and a cash receipt is issued to the applicant. This service fee is subject to review and change every year. It is better that the applicant confirms the service fee when she/he books the appointment. 
  10. For appointments and further details the applicants may call the phone numbers mentioned at bottom of this document from Sunday to Thursday during working hours.  The applicants may also book their appointments by sending an email to

The applicant should write all the required information on a piece of paper or in the back side of his/her passport copy as due to security concerns the applicants are not allowed to bring their electronic devices inside IOM compound in Kabul.