IOM’S Vision on Migration Health

Migrants and mobile populations benefit from an improved standard of physical, mental and social wellbeing, which enables them to substantially contribute towards the social and economic development of their home communities and host societies.

Based on above vision on migration health, IOM-Afghanistan has been providing medical assistance to returnees under AVRR program and processes health assessment of refugees and migrants since 2002 and so far more than 1500 returnees have received medical assistance.  The unit is also processing health assessment of refugees and migrants for different destinations.  In recent years the Unit has been processing a health assessment caseload of over 3000 refugees and migrants annually for United Kingdom, Australia, Canada New Zealand and Malaysia (EMGS). In addition, MHAC is the only unit in the country that provides information about health/medical inquiries addressed to this unit by the IOM missions in different countries Theses inquires mainly focus on health and medical facilities, medication and treatment of patients and they provide crucial information to authorities who have to make decision about returnees.

In unavailability of a center like MHAC in Afghanistan people migrating to mentioned destinations would have to travel to neighboring and regional countries for their required health assessment. MHAC is the exclusive panel clinic registered for health assessment of refugees and migrants for Canada, Australia, United Kingdom and New Zealand in Afghanistan.


  • Medical Assistance to Returnees under certain projects
  • Medical Screening (Health Assessment)
    • Physical Checkup
    • Complete Laboratory test
    • TB / Sputum Test
    • Radiology
    • Further Medicals
  • Pre-Departure Medical Screening
  • DNA specimen collection

The Team

MHAC core team holds an array of advanced academic and professional qualifications in medical, nursing, business administration and management.  They have executed medical programs, raised funding, worked in hospitals and national and international NGOs. MHAC is managed by one specialist as National Medical Officer, there are one panel physician, two nurses, one senior program support assistant and one administrative assistant included in MHAC structure.