As the leading inter-governmental organization working with migrants and governments to respond to contemporary migration challenges, IOM provides information, advice and support to further the efforts of its stakeholders to develop effective national, regional and global migration management policies and strategies. 

One of IOM’s strategic priorities in the area of migration policy is to contribute to increased dialogue between migration stakeholders at bilateral, regional and global levels. This strategic priority complements and enhances another of IOM’s strategic priorities, which is to strengthen governmental capacity to monitor and manage migration flows through effective policy making, policy dialogue, information sharing and cooperation.

IOM also conducts research designed to guide and inform migration policy and practice. The organization provides a unique space for consultation between researchers and policy makers. Visit our Reports & Evaluations page to see our latest publications.

Regional Consultative Processes on migration (RCPs) bring together representatives of states and international organizations for informal, non-binding dialogue and information exchange on migration-related issues of common interest and concern. IOM supports the Government of Afghanistan’s participation in the Almaty, Budapest, Bali and Colombo processes.