IOM Staff Wounded in Kabul Attack

Date Published: 
Saturday, May 25, 2013

IOM’s compound in Kabul was at the centre of a complex attack on Friday afternoon which has left one international staff member with severe burns, and three others injured.

A large explosion shortly after 4pm local time was felt across the city, according to reports. Heavily armed persons then entered the IOM compound.

"It remains unclear whether the IOM office was the target, although there were explosions and attackers did find their way inside," said Richard Danziger, IOM's Chief of Mission for Afghanistan. All staff were promptly accounted for and moved to safe locations.”

An Italian staff member was seriously injured, sustaining third-degree burns, and has been airlifted out of the country.

Two other IOM staff, a member of the UN's International Labour Organization, four Afghan civilians and four Afghan policemen sustained minor injuries in the attack. Four Nepalese Gurkha security guards guarding the IOM compound were also wounded. Several of the attackers were killed.

For more information, contact Richard Danziger, IOM Afghanistan, Email