IOM’s Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) is a unique, globally deployed IOM information management system used to track and monitor forced displacement, mixed migration, and population mobility. Established in 2017 in Afghanistan, DTM is designed to track mobility, determine the population sizes and locations of forcibly displaced people, reasons for displacement, places of origin, displacement locations and times of displacement, vulnerabilities and priority needs, as well as basic demographics. Data is collected at the settlement level, through key informant interviews, focus group discussions, and direct observations. DTM enables IOM and its partners to deliver evidence-based, better targeted, mobility-sensitive and sustainable humanitarian assistance, reintegration, community stabilization and development programming.

DTM conducts biannual mobility and multisectoral needs assessments nationwide to monitor return, displaced, migrant and host populations, their living conditions and evolving needs. DTM’s Flow Monitoring provides insights on mobility trends and drivers of migration among all migrants at border crossings and transit hubs of irregular migration. DTM conducts emergency events tracking, IDP registrations, return intention surveys, longitudinal returnee surveys, and myriad ad hoc migration research. DTM is also an accountability mechanism, reflecting complaints in assistance and perceptions on responsiveness to identified needs.

DTM activities in Afghanistan are funded by the European Union and German Federal Foreign Office.