Please note that due to the current situation in Afghanistan, certain services have been temporarily put on hold.

IOM Afghanistan provides various resettlement and consular services on behalf of requesting member states. This includes document verification, medical screening and health assessments, cultural orientation, and travel arrangements and support, all located in Kabul.

The Medical Health Assessment Center (MHAC) provides medical screening and health assessments, pre-departure medical screening, departure health checks, and fitness to travel certification to Afghan migrants and refugees traveling to Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK, USA, Italy, Norway, Germany and Sweden. Afghans who utilize these services include those joining their families, those migrating in the context of a resettlement program, those with businesses abroad, and those travelling for education purposes. MHAC also provides information to other IOM missions about available health and medical facilities, and medication and treatment of patients in Afghanistan. MHAC provides crucial information to Governments in order to allow them to make informed decisions about returnees.

More information about DNA sampling procedures and requirements can be found below

DNA Sampling


DNA sampling has considerable implications in immigration procedures. It is eliminating the uncertainty and subjectivity associated with discretionary decisions, empowering family members seeking settlement and their right to entry to hosting countries. MHAC has successfully collected and dispatched DNA samples to different laboratories around the world.  Currently The unit is conducting DNA sample collection for Italy, U.K (Refugee program) and New Zealand visa applicants.

The applicant must be referred by concerned laboratories, immigration authorities and other sources to MHAC Kabul.   The followings are a list of documents and information needed for this procedure:

  1. A valid passport  / A certified Copy of passport (Certified by authorities where the original passport is) Copy of applicant’s valid passport
  2. The applicant should write all the required information on a piece of paper or in the back side of his/her passport copy as due to security concerns the applicants are not allowed to bring their electronic devices inside IOM compound in Kabul.
  3. 2  passport size photo (3.5 X 4.5 cm) in white background
  4. Phone number in Afghanistan/where the applicant resides
  5. An email address
  6. Resident address
  7. Applicants migrating to Italy have to pay a service fee of USD 50 in Cash. For New Zealand applicants the laboratory transfers the fee to IOM bank account.  
  8. For appointments and further details the applicants may call the phone numbers mentioned at bottom of this document from Sunday to Thursday during working hours.  


The applicants may also book their appointments by sending an email to