As a son, as a Muslim, as a human being, this ban is unacceptable.

There is no text in Islam that states that women should not study and should not work, there should be nothing like that in our society. Some tribes think that women should not work or educate themselves, I am against it.

My sisters and nieces have studied very hard over the last 10-15 years, from school to university. 

When the ban happened, some of them only got university and were very depressed. We always try to motivate and encourage them, support them mentally and prevent other kinds of unexpected situations that would threaten their future.

This is an issue not only with my family, but this is an issue for all Afghan families, majority of our people are against with these bans and restrictions. They count down that someday they will be witnessed of the reverse of the ban where woman resume their education and working. 

Some say that in countries where women can study and work, there is less violence in general. Whereas here, in our society, violence is rampant.

Women should have equal access to education as men. No one has the right to restrict a person from studying or working based on their gender. This should not be part of our culture.

I hope that they will reverse these bans and that by the end of the school year all our sisters and daughters will be in school and have jobs again. 


Name and identifying details have been changed to protect the identity of the humanitarian worker.