I was born into a well-educated family, my father was a university lecturer, my mother though graduated from the Bachelor of Arts preferred to be a housewife and raised her children.

My older brother is a doctor, my older sister is a graduate of the Faculty of Law and Politics, my younger brother is a civil engineer and my younger sister is a high school student, I am a graduate of the Faculty of Economics and I work as a humanitarian. 

The fall of the previous government affected our family: my older brother left the country and moved abroad with his family and my father decided to resign from the university, not agreeing with what was going to happen. My younger brother is unemployed and my older sister lost her job in a local organisation because of the ban on women working. 
I'm trying to give positive energy to my sisters. But how?

As a family, we are trying to find solutions together. My elder sister teaches my younger sister and her classmates at home however she is feeling at the risk as this is against the decree on banning high school education and women to work.

They are feeling anxious, they are worried. I am now trying to support them financially and arranged Internet based education for her. She wants to study, she wants to learn and shushes to go abroad to keep studying.

This ban not only deprives women and girls of their basic rights but also pushes an entire generation into ignorance.

Half of the population is completely losing its right to live. Stand with your sisters, mothers and daughters. Inaction equals death.


Name and identifying details have been changed to protect the identity of the humanitarian worker.