Disabled Jafar is a sole breadwinner for a family of five. Because of persistent conflict in his home district in Badakhshan, in 2017, he fled to a neighboring district and rented a house for his family. Since, he could not find work, he was unable to pay rent and support his family.

Having no other option, I took a risk and returned to my home district, where I could farm and sell agricultural products to feed my family.

Jafar worked hard, farming and raising livestock in his village to earn a living. Unfortunately, his village became a conflict hotspot yet again and Jafar had to flee once more. He is now one of the 175,495 IDPs in Badakhshan, according to IOM, DTM Baseline Mobility Assessment – June 2020

I left my house in the middle of the night. I ran through the mountains and tragically stepped on a landmine and lost both my legs.

Sadly, Jafar and his family now live in a rented house and depend on humanitarian assistance to survive. They pray that government or anyone will help them out.

SDG 10 - Reduced Inequalities