Habib Rehman spent his childhood and most of his adult life as a refugee in Pakistan. He, along with his large family of 27 members, returned from Quetta, Pakistan in 2017 and settled in Tolokan village of Punjwai district in Kandahar province.

Recalling his experience of living as a refugee, Habib says: 

Living as a refugee in a foreign country was tough. We were stigmatised and had limited access to basic services. I couldn't pursue education or learn a skill.

Upon his return, Habib struggled to find a job without having a suitable skill. In 2019, he enrolled in IOM’s TVET course and learnt tailoring for nine months. He also learned basics of business communication, negotiation, financial management, customer service, and marketing during the programme. Upon his graduation, IOM provided Habib post-graduation assistance, including tools and equipment to start his own business. He opened a tailoring shop in his village and started contributing actively to his family income.

Result: A more confident Habib, who has got his self-esteem back. He says: 

I come from a large family and I am happy that I am able to help my family financially. This job has not only made me financially stable but also given me confidence to strive for a better future for my family.

SDG 10 - Reduced Inequalities